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My most recent body of work, “Suspended Reality” began with paintings of birds floating in a perched pose on a simple and serene background that is the skies over Boise, with no other information.

As the work progressed, foreground information began to find its way into the composition. Soon other objects were included to interact with the birds or sometimes on their own to help tell the story. Eventually they have become full landscape compositions combined with elements of still life and surrealism. I have chosen to float the subject in the center of the piece to create a compelling contrast from the landscape. In addition I have cast a shadow from the focal points onto the background to add depth and create a slight confusion in the two dimensional plane.

Although birds are often the focus of my work, the true inspiration comes from the English language. I am drawn to words or phrases that strike a chord and I try to express them visually, often breaking them down into a very literal portrayal.

Each concept starts with the title which has become integral in explaining the imagery. Some are quite simple and straight forward, while others are more obscure and thought provoking. There is a sense of humor to the work, but I strive to create beautiful works that will stand on their own artistic merit. The inspiration and ideas are coming faster than I can paint them, almost taking on a life of their own. I envision the work evolving to include more socially conscious subject matter.